Thank you!

Thank you, kare, sabrinagb, wendy, and mickeym for the lovely V-Day hearts! They made my week.

Today has been lovely, full of chocolate, and laughing with my co-workers, and an incredible with my new-ish charming, not trainer - who was stressing over the dinner he's fixing to cook for his wife, lol. Got home and was pleasantly surprosed to see Tony Lucca on "Access Hollywood Live" - I felt so nostalgic because he was playing "Death of Me" over their intro of him, and that is still my favorite song he's ever done. So here, have an old school Tony icon from back in the day.

Now, it's time for a drink and the latest episode of Glee. Bring on some Blaine!

Oct. 22nd, 2011

Woot, I have TV again! The movers forgot to pack the power cord for my TV, so while my new DVR has been hooked up to the TV for 3 weeks, last night is when I finally received the cord and could actually put it to use. Finally, I can record shows to watch at m convenience again. First world problem, but I am so glad to have it back.

Also after so long in California, I am learning to love the South all over again, for reasons like this --

* A new friend here, who is from the town my cousin lives in, sent me an article from the hometown paper in Mississippi that announced my cousin's husband's promotion.

* When I told my paralegal that I was planning to buy a ladder to switch out the battery on my smoke detector (which beeped every minute all night Tuesday night - not on - but was too high to be reached without a ladder), she said she is sending over a guy friend of hers to assist me. He's supposed to help me put the smoke detector back up this weekend, as she was appalled that I climbed the ladder alone. I love that random guys can be corralled here to go help ladies with "honey do" chores.

* Went to the post office last night to pick up the power cord, and first, there was ample parking. Second, there was no line. Finally, the employee was so sweet, and the cop who had stopped in while I was there was also adorable. Both ladies talked with me for a bit and welcomed me to Memphis, and I chatted with the cop all the way to my car.

* There is a huge arts festival going on - apparently, the longest running arts festivals in the MidSouth - nearby all weekend. I can walk down there and do some early holiday shopping while sipping some wine this afternoon. I can't wait to see what kinds of things are available.

Now, off for a good morning run. I hope all of you are waking up to a lovely weekend.


I am functioning on too little sleep to be wordy, but DAYUM, Darren Criss. The pictures of him shirtless at Coachella are just spellbinding, and not just for the neon yellow sunglasses. Nice to know that Out Magazine didn't airbrush those abs in, honey.

Totally unrelated, it has been reinforced to me that I can no longer party like I did in college. Two late nights out in a row (and not drinking excessively either time), and I am WIPED today because my sleep schedule is screwed to heck and back. But last night was a hoot in that we got to go dancing with friends. I don't think I've heard "Born This Way," "Hold It Against Me," and "California Girls" so many times in a five-hour period in my life, however. I don't understand how I know the words to so many songs off Britney's new album already, when I don't own it, but I guess that's the mystery of dance music. We also got to be plants in the audience to tip one of our friends who was auditioning as a go-go dancer (he gave us singles with instructions to tip him while he danced - it was hysterical - but woot, he got the job!). Randomly met "Dancing with the Stars" dance pro Louis Van Amstel at The Abbey. Spent the end of the evening making sure that two of our favorite but very inebriated guys got home safely (or at least to someone's home safely), during which time [personal profile] azewewish completed an awesome trick of sneaking K's keys out of his pocket before he realized it so we could get him and his car back to his place without him driving. God willing, he actually managed to get inside once we got him there.

Now it's time to be domestic and get some laundry done, and maybe contemplate lunch alternatives that have actual nutritional value...

Alpha males

Warning: Okay, welcome to the shallow end of the pool.

I must confess, I've been reading the comments on the E!Online poll for Alpha Male 2011 (don't judge me, dammit). The final two? Jensen Ackles and Darren Criss. I swear it's like watching a train wreck to read the comments.

The whole thing is very confusing (not the least because people there are taking it so freaking seriously. I mean, come ON). Granted, I didn't look very hard, but there's no definition of the ostensible criteria to be considered an "alpha male," so it's just a free for all of fandom popularity voting, and I can't quite figure out why I'm so intrigued. But really, who would you consider an alpha male?

Assuming the poll looks at the actors, rather than their characters -- because let's face it, if we're talking characters, I think Dean wins the alpha male contest hands down, no matter how many "courage" texts Blaine sends, or that Blaine may be the more self-aware of the two -- Dean's just waaay more competent in a crisis than Blaine. Once I thought about it, it wasn't as easy a choice between the actors as I thought it might be. I initially thought, "well of course it's Jensen." Jensen is older, is confident, is charming, doesn't chase the spotlight, is a stand-up guy with strong character, and is smokin' hot (so the poster who said that Jensen is "uuugglaaaay?" His/her comment is simply too asinine to be valid. I just can't take your comment seriously if you are that challenged).

Conversely, Darren is newer to the scene and goofier, but is also confident, charming, very secure in his own definition of his masculinity, seems to be a stand-up guy, and is smokin' hot (because I've seen that Out spread, thanks). But I think Darren may get the edge for me in an alpha male race (thank goodness I will never have to explain this to Jensen) because I am LOVING how hard Darren is standing up for the social causes in which he believes, in such public ways. That someone so new to the scene can own his beliefs so strongly is wonderful. So for me, the alpha male comes down to the guy who's having the biggest impact in walking the walk, not just talking the talk.


Other random thought that came to me in the bath today ... Before season 2 of Glee started, I heard a demo track of an Adam Lambert/Miranda Lambert mash-up that I had hoped was going to be featured in the duets episode, but never was. Now that Kurt and Blaine are an item, I really, really REALLY want a duet between them of Adam Lambert's "Fever" in season 3. I doubt we'll get it, but that would be severely happy-making.

*end of shallow end splashing announcements for the day*

Tomorrow is the day! AIDS Walk L.A.

Last LJ post on this issue, I promise!

Tomorrow is AIDS Walk Los Angeles. If you've been thinking of donating but haven't gotten around to it, there is still time! And donating is even more important now for those of us in California, as the new state budget cut HIV prevention funding for the second year. Here's a snipet from a release APLA released on the budget issue:

"In a last-minute move before he signed the state budget, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed $52 million in critical spending that was to support HIV/AIDS care and prevention work across California.

That means that California once again has zero state funding for HIV prevention programming for the second year in a row. We know that HIV prevention works. It saves lives -- and money."

So if you can help, please think about doing so - it's worth it!

Here is the link to my donation page:

AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Hi everybody!

AIDS Walk Los Angeles is on Sunday - just four days away! It's going to be good to be walking for this organization again. They do so much good, practical work in the community.

I am still hoping to reach my goal to raise $1,100 for the charity, but I really need some help to do so. I know that this is a time when budgets are tight, and there are a slew of worthy causes to which to donate your dollars, but if you can spare anything, every little bit helps.

Below is a link to my donation page. If you would like to donate but prefer to donate less than the $25 limit on the donation site, please shoot me an e-mail at, and we can work out a way (send me a check, paypal me, whatever, and I can donate it for you. I am happy to help!)

Thanks in advance for any support and assistance y'all can give. (See, Adam approves, too!)

Skaterboys! (and other stuff)

Hey friends,

It's been a hectic week. After a week of delays over which I had no control, unfortunately, as contract agency and employer had some things to work out, I started a new job on Wednesday. I'm acting as in-house counsel for a company, so it's very familiar work. So far, so good. The people with whom I work are very nice, and while the commute is intense, so far it's very doable, if I can keep to the flex hours they've let me set. So yay for re-employment.

This weekend, I got to celebrate being re-employed by seeing pretty skater boys on ice! sabrinagb, editorzon, _lisalisa_ and I headed to Staples Center to see Johnny Weir and Stephane Lambiel, and Yuna Kim and Michelle Kwan, and a boatload of other amazing ice skaters in "All that Skate." What a hoot. Because of the ticket package S got for us, we also got to watch the dress rehearsal, so it was great to see the skaters clowning around some, and then see them really put their all into the show at showtime. I think we understood the routines so much better for having seen them at the rehearsal first. Poor Johnny had injured his hip that morning, so his jumps weren't where I'd hoped, but it was still great to see him skate live, and to skate to Lady Gaga. And Stephane Lambiel ... damn, that man is a ham - a gorgeous ham who can spin like I've never seen. And we got a great view as we were in a section right by a camera to which he kept hamming, lol. I was totally impressed also with Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, who skated two incredibly beautiful and technically difficult routines for an exhibition. It's easy to see why they did so well at the 2010 Olympics. And here's a taste of the goofiness of the event - it's a "battle" between the male skaters and some b-boys, clearly filmed by a Stephane fan, and it shows how much goofy fun the event was - and how Stephane can spin.

And randomly, Cheryl Tiegs and Amy Smart were sitting a row in front of us.

It was just lovely to spend time with S, Stace and Lisa, just catching up and hanging out, over amazing guac and Mexican mojitos in between the rehearsal and the show.

Also did brunch this morning with them and with aproposofnothin, who I hadn't seen in waaaaaaaaay too long, so it's been a great weekend all around.

Daniel Boys - first American performance

So last night, azewewish and I went to see Daniel Boys perform for the first time on American soil. It was a fun night that felt like a culmination of something. Daniel show details ahead!Collapse )

After the show, B and I took our time wrapping up our bill and taking with our waiter, to give the line of people chatting with Daniel time to die down. We got so wrapped up chatting that we ended up being the last fans to greet him, but that meant we had time to have a great conversation with him. Daniel thanked us both for coming, and he said he was so shocked that anyone in America knows who he is - he commented in amazement that he'd seen me singing along to the songs (which indirectly confirmed for me that when I thought that he had thrown me a pretty blinding grin during "Everything" when he saw me singing along, he probably had actually done so, lol). We asked how he'd ended up playing here, and he said that when he told one of his friends (the one he'd been stalking on youtube but later developed a friendship with) he was going on holiday to Los Angeles, the friend said that his flatmate ran Show at Barre, and maybe they could set up a show. (Yay, friend!) We also told him about being gobsmacked by his elimination on ADWD. Brenda told him point blank that Webber must have had a thang for the blonde twink (or words to that effect, I focused on the blonde twink part, lol), at which point I chimed in that we were sure Lewis was a lovely guy, with which Daniel agreed, amused if a bit overwhelmed. We also told him about our chat about him with John, and he thought that was hysterical. He also filled us in on what he's done since ADWD ended, and he's done very well. We also chatted about twitter and our differing views on it (B doesn't have one, I follow on it but don't post much, Daniel never knows what to say on it). And when Brenda inadvertently disclosed that I followed Daniel on twitter, and I was all, yikes, now I feel creepy, he won my favorite person award by being all, hey, I stalked my now-friend on youtube! Poor guy, though, he was heading back to England today and he had an early morning flight. We chatted about the viability of just staying up all night, since we had just done that in New Orleans, an idea that I don't think had quite occurred to Daniel previously but which he greeted with interest. He took pictures with us and asked after us, and we wished him safe travels and a nice evening before leaving so he could join his friends and enjoy the rest of his last evening in L.A. undisturbed.

Anyway it was a lovely evening, and I hope we get more of Daniel performing over here.

AIDS Walk!

Okay, Procrastinator!Coolwhipdiva was supposed to have signed up by September 8, and I failed miserably. However, better late than never. Although I am now re-employed, I am planning to do AIDS Walk Los Angeles on October 17, 2010, to raise money for this important cause. This is the time where I ask you to consider assisting me in reaching my fundraising goal!

I know this is the time of year that people are begging for fundraising dollars, but if you could see your way to donating a few to this cause, that would be so wonderful! Every little bit helps. The link below takes you to my online page, where you can make a donation very easily. If you prefer to make a donation by mail, or to hand me a check, that's fine too, just e-mail me and we can set up a workable donation method. And don't forget, not only is a donation for a good cause, it's tax deductible!

Thanks for any support you can offer!


The whole cross-posting thing

Hey guys,

LJ's new policy is concerning to me - if you want to cross-post your posts to Facebook and Twitter, more power to you, but please do not cross-post content from my LJ - either my posts (which after this one will be friends-locked, for the most part), or your comments to my posts, etc. I get that cut and paste was always an option, but still, I'm way NOT comfortable with the idea of this account being linked across other people's Twitter or Facebook accounts. And I can safely say I won't be cross-posting your stuff to my Twitter or Facebook accounts. Privacy is a tricky thing in an internet world, which means it is even more incumbent on us to be sensitive to how and what we put out there.


Lambert arms out skeec
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